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About Us

The GCC provides members with the knowledge, expertise, and networking opportunities required to secure a position in the consulting industry. All those wishing to pursue a career in consulting will receive career advice and guidance.

Club mission and all activities are focused on three pillars:


Prepare students for careers in consulting, educate them on the industry and firms, and assist them in applications and interview preparation.


Position students to make connections with consulting firms, recruiters, and alumni that will support their career search.


Advocate students’ needs and interests with the administration, and collaborate with the Career Center and other offices.

Our Activities

Our core focus is to develop high performing management consultants through four primary activities.

  • Boot Camp. Conducted in Fall, this introduces the industry and the things to prepare to land an offer.
  • Ace the Case. Our signature semester-long course aims to develop one's casing skills.
  • Expert Courses. We partner with industry-leading case and interview coaches to supplement your preparation.
  • Consulting Day. Our signature career fair, we bring together employers in late-September at Hariri.
  • Consulting Trek. We take students to employer offices in DC and New York.
  • Super Weekends. This is our yearly casing certification competition.
  • Informational Panels. We organize panels with consulting firms and alumni.
  • Employer Days. We host employer presentations and chats at Hariri.
  • Coffee Chats. We help link candidates to employers for informational chats.
  • Case Books. Access our library of case books for practice.
  • Subscriptions. Get discounts off online case prep tools.
  • References. Use our collection of guides, books, samples, and other material.

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Member Benefits

As a member, you gain access to all we have to offer: Trainings, Events, Networking, and Resources to help you secure a job in this highly competitive industry.



The Club is open to MBA students at the McDonough School of Business. We accept new members during the Fall and Spring Club Membership Drives. Membership dues will be announced leading up the to Drives.


Our Board

Robert Fenton Profile

Robert Fenton

Director of Consulting Day
Maya Katz Profile

Maya Katz

Rashid Kabbani Profile

Rashid Kabbani

Director of Consulting Trek
Maren Kraak Profile

Maren Kraak

Director of Alumni
Lamisa Shahriar Profile

Lamisa Shahriar

Director of Career Management
Hannah Semke Profile

Hannah Semke

Director of Consulting Trek
Nikhil Mathur Profile

Nikhil Mathur

Director of Media and Tech
Lucas Ardaillon Simoes Profile

Lucas Ardaillon Simoes

Director of Finance
Emma Nosofsky Profile

Emma Nosofsky

Director of Consulting Day
Ilman Surghani Profile

Ilman Surghani

Director of Career Management
Karina Charry Profile

Karina Charry

Director of Consulting Trek
Nick Morton Profile

Nick Morton

Director of Consulting Day
Saloni Jain Profile

Saloni Jain

Director of Social & Community Affairs
Tyler Jung Profile

Tyler Jung

Director of FX Affairs
Nikhil Thilak Profile

Nikhil Thilak

Director of Career Management
Kalpita Sawant Profile

Kalpita Sawant

Director of Career Management
Martin Duffy Profile

Martin Duffy



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