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GWiB is a professional development and advocacy group of forward-looking and courageous business trailblazers who share in the goal of empowering women and our male allies. GWiB is one of the most active student run clubs at MSB with more than 50+ events each year. The events are curated with a focus on empowering women at MSB in their professional journey and building a stronger community. GWiB collaborates with other clubs and host exclusive events sparing across Professional Development, Academics, Social events and Community Service to for the women and allies in the campus and beyond to lay stronger foundation for a better world.









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We're passionate about helping current students  build a community with shared interest, achieve professional excellence and continue to giveback to the community. All our members are our highest priority and as a member, you get to participate in all our events and contribute in meaningful ways to support women in leadership roles.

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Meeting new students with shared interest

Our Team

Delaney Hobbs Profile

Delaney Hobbs

Connie E Profile

Connie E

Minh Nguyen Profile

Minh Nguyen

VP of Finance
Katie Pfeil Profile

Katie Pfeil

VP, Conference
Daniela Zuluaga Profile

Daniela Zuluaga

VP, Conference
Lamia Mohammed Kalam Profile

Lamia Mohammed Kalam

VP, Conference
Marian Asuncion Profile

Marian Asuncion

VP, Admissions
Emily Claytor Profile

Emily Claytor

VP, Admissions
Pooja Thapar Profile

Pooja Thapar

VP, Community Building
Allie Kibby Profile

Allie Kibby

FX Liaison
Sanjana Chakrasali Profile

Sanjana Chakrasali

VP, Professional Development
Priscila Deanna Prada Profile

Priscila Deanna Prada

VP, Professional Development
Luisa Chil Profile

Luisa Chil

VP, Marketing & Communications
Monica Waldau Profile

Monica Waldau

VP, Alumni Relations
Brennan Bassman Profile

Brennan Bassman

Male Allies Liaison
Emily Lin Profile

Emily Lin

First Year Marketing Board
Anuj Yadav Profile

Anuj Yadav

First Year Marketing Board


Graduate Women in Business (GWiB)

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