Student Government Association-FX (SGA-FX)

Student Government

The MBA Student Government Association (SGA-FX) is the group of Flex MBA students who are elected to represent the Flex student body and act as a liaison between the students and the faculty, staff, and broader Georgetown Community.

All Flex MBA students are automatically registered to be a member of the SGA-FX "organization" on HoyaConnect as soon as they matriculate - no need to "Join" prior to orientation.

FX Class of 2025

About Us

FX SGA is a governing board of elected students that represent the interests and initiatives of the evening student body. FX SGA strives to continuously improve the MSB community, enhance the overall experience for its students, and maximize the value of the MSB brand.









Our Team

Kevin Hasser Profile

Kevin Hasser

VP of Career
Tommy McCarthy Profile

Tommy McCarthy

VP of Student Experience
Ian Mullaney Profile

Ian Mullaney

VP of Alumni
Di Liu Profile

Di Liu

VP of Technology
Dalila Ferrante Profile

Dalila Ferrante

VP of International
Aydil Del Valle Rodriguez Profile

Aydil Del Valle Rodriguez

VP of Marketing
Joshua Lord Profile

Joshua Lord

VP of Community
Kayleen Lofgren Profile

Kayleen Lofgren

VP of Social
Sneha Iyer Profile

Sneha Iyer

VP of Admissions
Amanda Friedman Profile

Amanda Friedman

VP of Flex Online
Sherr Greene Profile

Sherr Greene

VP of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Ryan Hines Profile

Ryan Hines

VP of Finance
Nika Nguyen Profile

Nika Nguyen

Executive Vice President
Isaac Stine Profile

Isaac Stine

VP of Student Organizations
Ashley Doll Profile

Ashley Doll