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About Us

MBA Volunteers is Georgetown’s MBA-run community service club.
We connect graduate students in Georgetown University to the Washington, D.C. community by coordinating volunteer events and outreaches.

All graduate students, not just MBAs, are welcome.

Our mission is to make doing good part of doing well.

Cura Personalis is a core value of Georgetown University. It is not only expected but also necessary that we serve the communities around us.










Our Objectives

We achieve our mission through these three objectives:

Increase relevant opportunities

We all have our strengths, and we want to find opportunities to utilize those strengths to maximize our volunteers’ impact.

Increase volunteerism

Everyone can do a little bit more if they try. We aim to increase the average volunteer hours per individual.

Support volunteers

Volunteers give their time and resources to help those in need. We look to alleviate any roadblocks and support their work as much as we can.

Our Causes

We primarily support four causes:


Supporting children in any way: education, experiences, culture, shelter, nutrition, clothing, mental/emotional/physical support, etc.


Supporting education in any fashion; includes providing educational supplies and educating communities about other social causes.


Supporting community parks, environmental clean-up, education on the environment, outdoor experiences, and other wildlife conservation efforts.


Supporting animal rescue and shelter, service animal training/provision, animal welfare, and other therapeutic efforts relating to animals.

There are nine other causes we also serve: Arts and culture, disaster relief, equality and social justice, health, hunger, life skills, poverty, senior services, and veteran and military service. There is something for everyone to give back to.


Members Benefits

As a member, you will get first dips on volunteering opportunities available, tailored to the causes you support. You will get a say in the community support initiatives we organize. You will be invited to our volunteer appreciation events. Most of all, you will have loads of fun!

Events & Activities

Be the first to know about what we have planned and add our group calendar to your schedule.

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Meeting new students with shared interest

Our Board

Eva Zhang Profile

Eva Zhang

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Susmeetha Sanugula

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Vikas Boda

VP of Finance
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Kavita Bansal

VP of Events
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Alex Stark

VP of Marketing
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Joseph Galassi

FX Liaison
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Jay Hawkins

SGA FT Representative
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Joshua Lord

SGA FX Representative


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